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Our team of dental professionals are responsible for providing quality dental services in five local communities throughout Sydney and the Gold Coast. We are here to help you gain that perfect smile you have been searching for.

Our dedicated Dr Smile Family Dentists team are committed to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable, while we tend to your dental needs and concerns at every appointment. It is our aim to ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable visit to our practice.

We can guarantee you’re safe in our hands.

Dr Smiles Dentists have locations throughout Sydney and the Gold Coast with an experienced, professional team of qualified Dentists. Complete the form below to find a Dentist close to you.

We know that it can sometimes be a burden financially to cover the cost of dental care and have introduced a number of payment plans to help you manage your budget as well as your health.


General Dentistry

These are procedures designed to care for your dental health, ensuring your mouth remains healthy. Your regular dental examination is crucial for the long-term and is the cornerstone of an effective preventative dental care plan.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

We fully believe that cosmetic dentistry should be an exciting and enjoyable process that begins with your consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist here at Dr Smile. During this visit, we will gently examine your mouth and review your dental history, and we always review your medical history just in case you have any conditions that could impact treatments recommended.

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Preventive Dentistry

We provide you with a custom preventative dental care plan based on your current dental health and your medical health. A comprehensive dental examination aims to evaluate your gum health, to check for signs of tooth decay, and to make sure any restorations do not require replacement.

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Restorative Dentistry

When tooth enamel is damaged because of trauma such as a chip or crack or is decayed, the tooth must be restored to protect it and restore its integrity. Minor damage to a tooth is often restored using a dental filling.

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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that uses specialised appliances and techniques to realign teeth. It can prevent, diagnose and treat dental irregularities affecting the alignment of your teeth and jaws, ensuring your teeth bite together correctly.

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Children’s Dentistry

Good oral care should start early, and when possible, we suggest a child has their first dental visit soon after they get their first precious tooth. Although this may seem very young, these early visits are important in establishing a good oral care routine that can set the stage so they can hopefully enjoy a lifetime of great dental health.

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For the past 42 years, Dr Smile has been faithfully serving the community in an accessible and affordable way. Today, Dr Smile continues to be true to its core values of providing excellent dental care, available to everyone.

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Affordable Quality

We strongly believe in offering our patients affordable, high quality dental treatments as we want everyone to experience the benefits of great dental health. When you visit our practice you can be sure of receiving the best and most appropriate dental care to restore your dental health...

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5 Convenient Locations

Every practice has been designed to offer you a relaxing and pleasant environment.

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