You Are Never Too Old For Orthodontics

Have you noticed more adults are wearing braces? It is a growing trend, and we see an increasing number of adults who want to straighten their teeth, perhaps because of an orthodontic relapse after treatment as a child. Others may never have had the opportunity for orthodontic treatment during childhood. Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to straighten your teeth provided they are healthy and strong.

What Problems Can Be Corrected by Adult Orthodontics?

Adult orthodontics can correct numerous problems affecting tooth alignment and bite. These include issues such as overcrowding, where teeth are overlapping and tricky to clean, or braces can close or minimise unsightly spaces between teeth. Protrusive teeth can be realigned, and orthodontics can ensure your teeth occlude or bite together correctly.

What Are the Advantages of Adult Orthodontics?

Most adults who seek orthodontic treatment will do so with the hope of improving their appearance. It’s a valid reason for wearing braces, but treatment can have other, unseen consequences, potentially improving oral health. When crooked teeth are straightened and brought into line, it makes them easier to brush and floss thoroughly. Properly cleaning your teeth reduces the risk of common diseases, including gum disease and tooth decay. Teeth that do not bite together correctly can wear unevenly. Consequently, this can cause some teeth to crack and fracture under the additional stresses created when chewing food. Correcting these problems ensures the teeth bite together properly and will wear evenly, alleviating these problems.

What Are the Orthodontic Options Available for Adults?

Solutions available for adults include fixed braces or removable braces using clear plastic aligners, for example, Invisalign. Some cosmetically oriented braces are specifically designed to correct only the issues affecting the front teeth. An orthodontist will advise you which option is best for your needs, based on the problems requiring correction. While most people will want to have removable braces, it’s worth remembering that fixed braces can provide excellent results, especially when correcting more complex problems. Fixed braces are also available with clear brackets that are far less visible.

How Long Will It Take Me to Straighten My Teeth?

Treatment times can vary tremendously. If you only need a cosmetic orthodontic appliance then it could take just a few months to straighten your front teeth. Usually, most adults will complete treatment within a year, but more complicated issues could take longer. An initial evaluation will let you learn much more about all the options available to you and the time and cost of treatment.


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