Braces Explained

Most people are familiar with the concept of braces, and it’s a solution that can provide excellent results and is commonly the best treatment choice.

What Are Braces?

Braces consist of small metal brackets that are bonded onto teeth for the duration of treatment. These brackets are connected to archwires which are very thin wires, and the wires are placed under tension using small elastic bands. Every component is positioned very precisely, placing the correct teeth under gentle yet firm pressure. The pressure gradually moves teeth into their proper locations identified by your dentist in your treatment plan.

Do I Have to Have Metal Braces?

Traditionally, fixed braces have metal brackets, but there are other options available. Nowadays you can have less visible brackets made from a clear ceramic or plastic material and which are powered by very thin and more discreet wires. Sometimes these wires are tooth coloured, and the brackets may not necessarily need elastic bands as they are self-ligating. While these options are less visible, they do cost a little more, and the brackets may not have the strength of traditional metal brackets. Less visible braces can be an excellent choice for anybody feeling self-conscious about treatment, while others choose to customise their metal braces by choosing brightly coloured elastics.

Why Choose Fixed Braces?

The main advantage of fixed braces is that they provide an extremely precise treatment outcome, repositioning teeth exactly. It is a huge advantage when correcting more complex orthodontic problems, including those that affect your bite or the way teeth are aligned. Because the braces are fixed permanently in place, they are working continuously to reposition your teeth.

How to Care for Braces?

During treatment, it’s important to keep your teeth and gums thoroughly clean, and you will need to spend a little extra time on your oral hygiene routine. There is no need to worry as we can show you how to clean around your brackets and wires, using special tools that make this task easier.

Can I Eat My Normal Diet?

While wearing fixed braces, you need to avoid very crunchy, sticky or hard foods that could damage your brackets and wires. It’s also best to avoid any foods that could get stuck around the braces and which are trickier to remove thoroughly. One technique to enjoy crunchier foods like a carrot or apple is to cut them into smaller pieces so you can chew them with your back teeth, avoiding your braces entirely. We can advise you on which foods to avoid and those foods that are safe to eat.

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