Teeth Whitening

A beautiful bright smile is a huge asset, but most people are not blessed with white teeth naturally.

Why Do Teeth Stain?

Teeth can discolour and stain because of lifestyle habits that include a liking for coffee, tea and highly coloured or acidic foods and drinks. Smoking is well-known for staining teeth. Some people have naturally darker teeth. As you age, you will almost certainly notice your teeth change colour. This is because younger people have thicker tooth enamel, an opaque layer that protects teeth but which gradually erodes over time because of exposure to acids or sometimes when teeth are brushed too vigorously.

If your smile has begun to look a little dingy and dull, a professional teeth whitening treatment can soon boost its appearance.

Why Whiten Teeth Professionally?

Your teeth are precious, and a professional teeth whitening treatment is the safest and most effective way to whiten them without causing damage or unwanted tooth sensitivity. Initially, we will examine your teeth and gums carefully to make sure treatment is safe and appropriate. You should never try to whiten teeth that are unhealthy and which have untreated cavities or signs of gum disease. Also, it’s important to determine why your teeth have discoloured.

Surface discolouration caused by lifestyle habits tends to respond well to teeth whitening treatments. However, some people have internal tooth stains, perhaps because of an ageing root canal treatment or have tooth stains caused by exposure to excess fluoride or tetracycline. These stains respond less easily to a conventional tooth whitening treatment, and you may need a different treatment to brighten the affected teeth.

What to Expect When You Whiten Teeth Professionally?

When you whiten your teeth professionally, we create custom-made whitening trays that fit precisely and comfortably over your teeth. Our dentist will prescribe the correct strength of professional whitening gel that contains ingredients to help you brighten your smile safely and gently, minimising sensitivity. We will show you how to fill the trays and insert them, and you can wear them for a few hours, but most people prefer to leave them in overnight for a few weeks during treatment. In a short while, you will begin to notice the results. With a custom home whitening kit, provided your teeth do not change position or shape, you can reuse the trays when the results need topping up as we can supply more professional-strength whitening gel.