The Importance of Starting Early.

Our entire dental team warmly welcome children, treating them as if they were our family. We work hard to create a safe, relaxing atmosphere for little ones, and especially children who may feel a bit nervous or anxious.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

A government scheme designed to cover preventative dental care services for children aged between two and 17 years.


Most children need to see a dentist regularly every six months for a full checkup and dental cleaning.

Oral Hygiene for Kids

Great oral hygiene is hugely important in preventative dental care.


A custom made well-fitting mouthguard is every bit as essential as other protective sporting equipment.

When Should a Child First See a Dentist?

Good oral care should start early, and when possible, we suggest a child has their first dental visit soon after they get their first precious tooth. Although this may seem very young, these early visits are important in establishing a good oral care routine that can set the stage so they can hopefully enjoy a lifetime of great dental health. We strive to ensure every visit is a positive experience for young children, so they grow up free from dental fears and phobias and understand why good professional dental care is critical for oral and general health.

We Focus on Preventative Care

We firmly believe that preventative dentistry is the best approach as many common dental diseases, including gum disease and tooth decay, are avoidable with good oral care. Our team can work with you, ensuring your child’s teeth remain strong, healthy and disease-free. As your child gets older, we can work with them directly, teaching them how to care for their teeth and gums and gently educating them about the importance of dental care. By working together as a team, we can give your child everything they need to maintain healthy and strong teeth and to enjoy all the benefits of an attractive smile.