Fissure Sealant

Protecting Your Teeth

We highly recommend fissure sealants for protecting children’s teeth but there is no reason why adults cannot benefit from this treatment, provided your teeth are cavity-free, and do not have any fillings or any signs of decay.

What Are Fissure Sealants?

It is a painless and safe way to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay. Fissure Sealants are a plastic coating that covers the back of adult teeth where most tooth decay occurs. The sealant serves as a hard shield that prevents food and other bacteria from getting into the teeth.

How Can Fissure Sealants Help Me?

Fissure sealants are a very straightforward way of protecting the chewing surfaces of back teeth as these surfaces are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. The process to apply these sealants is quick and completely painless and afterwards, you will be able to eat and drink normally. Fissure sealants should last for many years but if they become chipped or worn then we can replace them for you.