Dietary Advice

Healthy Diet For Healthy Teeth

You might not realise it, but your diet and even the times at which you eat certain foods can make quite the difference to your dental health. Sometimes all you need do is make a few simple tweaks to your diet for it to be far more tooth-friendly. One particular problem is seemingly healthy foods can be high in hidden sugars and being more aware of how your diet can affect your teeth can help tremendously.

How Can My Dentist Help Me Improve My Diet?

When you visit Dr Smile, our dentists can help by analysing your current diet and if necessary will provide personalised advice on ways to improve it. It’s surprising what can help and snacks in between meals are one particular area that is often easy to change; choosing tooth-friendly snacks can make a big difference. Sugar-laden fizzy drinks, energy drinks and diet drinks are all things that are easy to change and can help protect your teeth and gums.