How Teeth Change with Age

Getting older takes its toll on your body, and your teeth are no exception, but the good news is there is a lot you can do to help keep them in great shape with good preventative dental care. Read on …

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Winter-Warming Chicken Noodle Soup

There is nothing like a nutritious chicken noodle soup for fighting off winter colds. Ingredients 4 medium carrots sliced into rounds 3 stalks sliced celery 1tbsp olive oil 1 medium diced onion 1 tsp each fresh thyme and rosemary, chopped …

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Could the CDBS benefit you and your family?

If you have children under age 18 and who are eligible for Medicare, they may also qualify for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). This is a schedule that gives children and teenagers aged 2 to 17 access to essential …

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Supercharged Foods for Your Teeth

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat, and this certainly applies to your dental health. Sugary foods like fizzy drinks and sweets will all contribute to tooth decay. Try to include at least some of these healthy, …

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Fun Oral Health Activities for Kids

Children learn through play, so try these fun dental activities that will teach them about oral care Tooth Necklace Make a drawing of a tooth on cardboard, approximately 4 cm x 4 cm and use this as a template so …

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